October 14, 2021

Wyoming Student Arrested for Not Wearing Mask

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
Last Thursday, a Wyoming high school student was arrested for trespassing after she refused to wear a mask. After refusing to comply with the mask mandate or leave the premises, 16-year-old Grace Smith was arrested and charged with trespassing. The girl was fined $1000 for the infractions.

The Background: 
While Hollywood celebrities and politicians nationwide are ignoring mask mandates, school children are being forced to wear masks despite consistent numbers showing they are not generally at risk.

But school boards are still shutting down schools or continuing mask mandates even into this fall semester.

That includes Laramie High School in Wyoming, which had a student arrested and fined for not wearing her mask and refusing to leave the premises.

Grace Smith told Wyoming State Sen. Anthony Bouchard that “it makes me feel unwanted by the school system. It makes me stressed out that I have to fight this battle as a 16-year-old. Right now, I should be playing sports and having fun. And instead, I’m fighting for the rights that were supposed to be won hundreds of years ago.”

In addition to the fines and arrest, the school was put on lockdown for about 90 minutes. 

The school is set to meet on Friday to discuss whether or not they will continue requiring masks.

Notable Quotes: 

“I’ve seen from the beginning of this, everything has been about following orders, it’s all about compliance, but I don’t really see a real direction we’re going in other than making people fit into a mold.” - Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard

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