December 17, 2021

Woman Finally Given Ivermectin After Hospital Found in Contempt of Court

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
On Monday, a Virginia hospital was found to be in contempt of court and subject to $10k/day fines for refusing to let a woman try Ivermectin to treat her COVID-19 disease. Judge James Fisher of Virginia’s 20th Judicial Court said the hospital could avoid the contempt charge and fines if they let the woman use the treatment. On Tuesday, the hospital finally gave in and allowed the woman to undergo the treatment.  

The Background: 
Kathleen Davies, 63, fell ill with COVID-19 in early October and was placed on a ventilator at the Fauquier Health hospital in Warrenton, Virginia on November 3rd.

After over two months since contracting the virus, Kathleen’s husband, acting on her behalf, requested that she be treated with ivermectin that was prescribed by a doctor practicing outside the hospital. The treatment has been characterized as a last resort effort to save her life.

On December 9th, Judge James Fisher signed an order saying that the hospital must comply with the family’s request. The hospital refused to do so. Then on Monday, Judge Fisher held the hospital in contempt of court and levied $10k/day fines unless the hospital obeyed the court order. On Tuesday, the hospital gave in and treated Kathy Davies with ivermectin.

Judge Fisher purged the contempt of court charge and the hospital has not paid any fines related to the incident. 

The hospital holds that it has done nothing wrong, saying, “Despite what has been shared online, we believe that we have navigated these complexities as swiftly as possible and have remained in compliance with standard hospital practice, including federal and state regulations, throughout this matter.”

Notable Quotes: 

“At 8:45 pm the ICU nurse administered the first dose of Ivermectin… the hospital will keep the written order of Dr. Maturi and that an ICU nurse will administer one dose, two times a day, for 10 days.” - Chris Davies, son of Kathleen Davies

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