July 1, 2022

Wisconsin School District Drops Woke Lawsuit

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By: Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

Wisconsin’s Kiel Area School District has dropped a Title IX sexual harassment lawsuit it filed against middle school children for “mispronouning” a fellow student.

This in consequence to the school district  who was subject to heavy media scrutiny as well as the children’s legal defense from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL).

The Background:

Back in early May, Republic Press reported on three eighth-grade boys who were being sued by their school district under Title IX.

Their crime?  “Incorrect pronouns.” These middle schoolers were being sued for using proper grammar instead of “they/them” pronouns to address a fellow student. 

“The District’s position appears to be that once a student informs others of alternate, preferred pronouns, any subsequent ‘mispronouning’ automatically constitutes punishable sexual harassment under Title IX,” a press release from WILL stated at the time, explaining that the boys were simply using the “biologically correct” pronouns.

Attorneys at WILL argued that forcing children to use biologically — and grammatically — incorrect pronouns amounted to a First Amendment violation. Breitbart News reported that it “... was an attempt by the school district to broaden the scope of Title IX so as to limit student speech. The district also appeared to protect administrators who used proper pronouns in contravention of their interpretation of Title IX.”

Notable Quotes:

“We are pleased that the Kiel Area School District has finally ended its misguided Title IX investigation.” —WILL deputy counsel Luke Berg.

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