April 10, 2023

Why Is China So Forthcoming with Biden Connections?

  • Executive, Horse Race

By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief:

While the media and liberals want all the focus on Trump’s alleged financial discrepancies to distract us, the real question we should investigate is “Why is China so forthcoming on Biden family connections?”

The Background: 

During a recent appearance on Fox,  Sen. Ron Johnson, (R-WI) revealed to host Maria Bartiromo that Chinese-American owned Cathay Bank had disclosed Biden family bank records aligning with the findings of the U.S regulators records. 

Sen. Johnson stated:

"A bank from China, let's face it, the Communist Party controls those types of institutions; they willingly gave us the documents that backed up the Treasury records. Is that the Chinese Communist Party, is that a shot across President Biden's bow, saying, 'Listen, this is some of the information we have. If you don't toe the line, if you don't do things that displease us, we're going to even provide … more information.”


Lee Carter replied:

"After everything that we've been through with China, at this moment, only 15% of Americans trust China … the American people are rightly concerned. They deserve to have answers. And I think at a minimum, the president needs to make a statement and address people's concerns because they're valid."

This also raises the question, why? Why would a bank hand over incriminating evidence that directly contradicts what the sitting President is repeatedly claiming? And why would America hating China give the various Biden family members a divided $1 million?


Notable Quotes: 

"When you see this kind of a connection between a sitting president, his son and the Chinese government, when people just don't trust this and know that it's one of the biggest threats facing us right now, that's a really big issue that needs to be addressed.” – Lee Carter

"Let's just go back in time and remind everyone: Nobody gets [$1 million] sole mandate from the Chinese government to start a private equity firm, especially one that doesn't have any private equity experience, especially someone that doesn't have any private equity experience and has a debilitating crack habit. So, what type of influence did they buy as the Chinese Communist Party is running around with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, setting up a new reserve currency to take out the United States of America?" he continued. "What did the Bidens give up and what is it doing to our national security?" – Michael Lee


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