April 28, 2023

Whoopi Calls Pro-Lifers "Self-Righteous"

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By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief:

Whoopi Goldberg loves to be controversial, and while there is nothing inherently wrong with controversy, Whoopi doesn’t stop at disagreeing. Instead, she has to put them down in the most insulting manner she can.

The Background: 

When discussing the recent attempt to further ban abortion by eliminating the abortion pill, Goldberg stated that it shouldn’t be up to lawmakers to decide who gets to live and who dies. She further stated she was tired of the self-righteous attitude of those who believe abortion is the taking of a life.

“I’m kind of getting tired of everybody’s self-righteousness about what they believe. I believe that I’m entitled to speak to my doctor and not be guided by you. This is not the state’s right. This is not anybody’s right but mine, according to America. This is my right. I respect your feeling that abortion is taking of a life. I respect that you feel like that. I need you to respect that I have a different opinion. I need you to respect that my doctor and I will figure out what’s right for us and move forward. That’s what the FDA is for. That’s why we have it.”

Since when has being “entitled” been above the law? Especially when it comes to life and death?


Notable Quotes: 

“The Republican Party is ramping up its battle against abortion rights. The Supreme Court is reviewing the ruling of a conservative federal judge in Texas who banned the so-called abortion pill. Governor Ron DeSantis just made Florida the latest state to impose severe restrictions to abortion access.” – Whoopi Goldberg



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