March 30, 2022

White House Cleans Up Another Biden Gaffe

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By: Konrad Holden 

In Brief: 
On Tuesday, the White House confirmed that Biden did not reveal classified information and that US troops would not be going to Ukraine. This clarification was in response to comments Biden made while speaking to US troops in Poland in which he insinuated that the troops would soon be in Ukraine. The White House is saying that Biden was referring to US troops who interact with Ukrainian troops in Poland. 

The Background: 
Biden made his first trip last week to Europe since Russian forces invaded the eastern border of Ukraine in late February. The President went to Brussels to meet with NATO allies and discuss the West’s response to the invasion and consider strategies to respond to Russian aggression. 

On Friday, the President flew to Poland to meet with the country’s President about the Ukraine situation. During his trip to Poland, Biden told a group of US troops that "you’re going to see when you’re there – some of you have been there – you’re going to see women, young people, standing in the middle, in front of a damn tank, saying, ‘I’m not leaving.,'" referring to Ukraine.

That comment started a firestorm of reasonable questions from reporters about whether or not the US was considering sending troops to fight in Ukraine.

The White House denied that possibility for a 2nd time on Tuesday. They asserted that Biden was referring to the US troops interacting with Ukrainian troops in Poland.

When asked at a press conference, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said, "Well, as I said, there is regular interaction between Ukrainian soldiers in Poland and the US troops that the President saw on the trip."

Notable Quotes: 

"The troops that he met with in Poland routinely interact with Ukrainians. That is something that's known. … That is in no way revealing compromised information. That being said, there's nothing further that I have to say on that beyond what the president said yesterday." - White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield

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