October 15, 2019

Whistleblower: CNN President 'Has a Personal Vendetta Against Trump'

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By: Nate James

In Brief:

An investigative organization has released recordings apparently made by a whistleblower that reveal CNN’s agenda to report politically charged, anti-Trump news.

The Background:

As RP has reported before, Project Veritas is an organization that investigates groups and people and uncovers corruption, often using undercover operations that involve secret recordings.

Today, Project Veritas released = recordings made by an alleged “whistleblower.” The recordings, Fox News reports, “capture CNN employees casually confirming the network's anti-Trump bias and show company president Jeff Zucker telling top news executives to focus solely on impeachment even at the expense of other important news, according to the conservative activist group that posted the bombshell footage online.”

You can watch the video here:

Why It Matters:

As RP reported when this news first broke, the mainstream media is infamous for its left-wing bias, yet the average American has little recourse when it comes to how they receive information about current events. If it can be proven that CNN has an agenda beyond informing viewers of the facts, the network, and those that adopt the same talking points, could once and for all be discredited and stopped from brainwashing viewers.

Notable Quotes:

“I don’t care about the MSNBC event, OK? I don’t care about them. Let’s just stay very focused on impeachment. We shouldn’t just pretend, oh, this is going one way. And so all of these moves are toward impeachment.”

  • CNN President Jeff Zucker, as reported by undercover video from Project Veritas

Nate James writes from Texas.

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