March 25, 2022

Washington Post: Jackson Treated Worse Than Kavanaugh

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
In an opinion piece published on Wednesday, the Washington Post Editorial Board claimed that Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was treated worse by Republicans than Democrats treated then-Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh during their respective Senate confirmation hearings. The Board’s argument hinges on the fact that the allegations against Kavanaugh were “credible” in its view though no concrete evidence was ever presented to corroborate the allegation. The Board’s take received criticism from some top conservatives on Twitter.

The Background: 
Just this week, “What is a woman?” was one question asked of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. She refused to answer saying, “I’m not a biologist.”

In 2018 during his confirmation hearings, Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh was accused of raping multiple women even after zero corroborating evidence could be provided. 

On Wednesday, the Washington Post Editorial Board said Jackson’s questions about the nature of women and her leniency on child pornographers in the past were harsher than the uncorroborated allegations against Kavanaugh.

The Board said that the allegations against Kavanaugh were credible and that Kavanaugh “intemperately” lashed out at senators who were accusing him of sexual assault and rape.

The Board’s take immediately received backlash on Twitter. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “Imagine saying this with a straight face? Dems accused Kavanaugh of being a serial rapist with no evidence… Republicans questioned Jackson about very lenient sentences for pedos & child pornographers!”

Kaelen Deese of the Washington Examiner made the opposite case: “While exchanges have been tense, it’s objectively clear that GOP concerns around KBJ have been aptly pointed towards her record and not remotely in the same realm as the spring trap that was placed on Kavanaugh over purported events before his relevant career work.”

Notable Quotes: 

“The Democrat media thinks liberal SCOTUS nominees should be rubber-stamped through confirmation, no questions asked, and all conservative nominees should be put through the wringer.” - Chuck Ross, Washington Free Beacon

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