October 30, 2020

UPDATE: Former Biden Business Associate Shares New Info on Hunter Biden

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By: Amy Jo Underwood

In Brief: 

Former Biden business associate, Tony Bobulinski, shares that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business deals, despite Biden’s repeated denials. The media continues to state that the story is not worthy of coverage, and that it is a distraction created by Russia. 

The Background: 

After the New York Post reported on the Hunter Biden laptop, more information surfaced regarding the business dealings involving Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. According to the Wall Street Journal, the media has continued to disregard the situation, claiming that it is a “non-story.” 

The New York Post released another article on the Hunter Biden story, sharing statements from former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinksi.  According to Bobulinksi, the emails released from Hunter Biden’s laptop referred to Joe Biden as being involved in the foreign business deals. Bobulinksi claims that the Biden family was using its name to gain power and influence in overseas deals, including interactions with communist China. If reports are true, then the Biden family received millions of dollars from China, with no explanation as to what was expected in return. 

The media continues to disregard the allegations, and the Biden campaign has yet to deny the content discovered in the laptop of Hunter Biden.  However, despite claims that the situation is a “non story,” reports from the New York Post in regard to the issue have been largely censored by social media. 

Notable Quotes:

“If it’s true that Joe Biden was accepting influence payments, including from Chinese entities, then he should immediately quit the presidential race. But the press has been largely uninterested in pursuing this story.” - Joe Freeman, Wall Street Journal. 


Amy Jo Underwood writes from Alabama

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