June 29, 2021

University To Require Masks for Vaccinated Students

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 

Monmouth University announced that it would be requiring vaccinations of all students to start the fall semester. On top of that, the university will also require all vaccinated students to continue wearing masks, even against the CDC’s guidelines. The policy has sparked protests from campus conservatives.

The Background: 

Monmouth University in New Jersey will require vaccinations and masks for all students if they want to continue at the school in the fall. The school does allow for religious and medical exemptions on a case-by-case basis, though they have not revealed what would constitute an exemption.

Students must provide proof of vaccination to the school by August 1st or else face suspension.

The school’s president, Patrick Leahy, said that this was in accordance with CDC guidelines which point to vaccination as the quickest path to safety.

What’s more, the school will require even vaccinated students to continue wearing masks in classrooms, labs, and other learning environments. Students will only be able to go without masks outdoors and in other communal areas like dining halls.

There has been some pushback on campus by conservatives. 

One student, Carlie Zeidler, the president of Monmouth’s College Republicans chapter, said that “requiring the vaccine is an outrageous attack on a person's rights.” 

More than 450 colleges and universities across the country have announced vaccination requirements for students to return to in-person learning.

Notable Quotes: 

"In addition to the vaccination mandate for all students, faculty and staff, the university will continue to require masks in all classroom, lab and teaching spaces, as well as the library, for everyone in attendance, regardless of vaccination status." - Patrick Leahy, Monmouth University President

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