April 26, 2023

UN Wants to Legalize Pedophilia

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By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief:

The UN recently backed a report stating the opinion that pedophilia, among other gross crimes, be normalized. And that it should be normal for children to decide who they engage in sexual activity with, whether they be fellow children or adults.

The Background: 

Republic Sentinel reports that a new report entitled 8 March Principles was released on International Women’s Day by the United Nations (UN), calling for all drug use and sexual activity to be decriminalized.

The report begins: 

From long years in the law, and as a proudly gay man, I know profoundly how criminal law signals which groups are deemed worthy of protection – and which of condemnation and ostracism. In this way, the criminal law performs an expressive function – and it has dramatic consequences on people’s lives. It sometimes entails a harshly discriminatory impact on groups identified with the disapproved or stigmatized conduct.

The report goes on to call for offenses related to “sex, drug use, HIV, sexual and reproductive health, homelessness and poverty” to be decriminalized.

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,”  it continues. 


Notable Quotes: 

Criminal law may thus impel hostility, exclusion, inequality, discrimination and marginalization of individuals and groups, sometimes to the point of violence. As a result, human rights, democratic values and social inclusiveness all suffer.” –8 March Principles



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