June 18, 2021

Tucker Carlson: FBI Agents Organized Jan. 6 Riot?

  • Executive, The Hill

By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
In an opinion piece published on June 16th, Tucker Carlson put forward the idea that the January 6 riot may have been organized and encouraged by FBI agents. Many questions about that day remain unanswered and thousands of hours of footage have not been released for the public to view.  Carlson stated that multiple incidents of the FBI encouraging and instigating crime have occurred throughout the years. He believes that the Capitol riot is yet another example, stating that the riot was for show, to “suppress political dissent,” while those who started the riot are nameless and have yet to be indicted. 

The Background: 

According to Tucker Carlson, Government documents reveal two mysterious people from the January 6th Capitol riot who are identified only as Person 2 and Person 3. Neither person has been charged with a crime, though most people arrested for the riot have been slammed with heavy charges. This fact leads Carlson to believe that they must be working for the FBI.

Carlson said on Wednesday that “they were almost certainly working for the FBI” when speaking of abnormally unidentified co-conspirators in the January 6th riot.

According to government documents, Person 2 was staying in a hotel room with a 65-year-old Thomas Caldwell who believed there was a “quick reaction force” that would participate in the protest. Supposedly, this force was to be led by someone only named Person 3 and his accomplice. No explanation has been given for what all these unidentified people did.

There are around 20 people who were described as having committed violence at the Capitol, and are unnamed in government documents and still left uncharged.

Carlson also noted that the FBI has a history of planting people in groups and stirring up trouble, specifically in the assassination attempt on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and numerous other shootings across the country.

“If you empower the government to violate civil liberties in pursuit of a foreign terror organization [as done in the response to 9/11], and there are foreign terror organizations, it’s just a matter of time before ambitious politicians use those same mechanisms to suppress political dissent,” Carlson stated. “That’s what we’re seeing now. We should have seen it earlier.”

Notable Quotes: 

“And speaking of January 6th, why are there still so many things, basic factual matters, we don’t know about that day? Why is the Biden administration preventing us from knowing? - Tucker Carlson, Fox News

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