October 12, 2021

Tucker Carlson: Democrats are claiming full authority over your kids

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 

The Biden administration is conspiring with left-wing school boards across the country to control America’s children, Tucker Carlson argued last week. Clinton operative and former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe,who is now running for the same office again, declared that parents shouldn’t tell teachers what to teach. And Biden’s DOJ agrees with school boards that upset parents are a form of “domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

The Background: 

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson announced last week that you are no longer in charge of your children, according to the Biden administration and the Democratic party.

A nationwide campaign is being run by teacher’s unions, school boards, and even the federal government to control the education of America’s children. They want to teach children to explore sexuality at a young age, hate their own ethnicity, and experiment with their gender identity. 

And they don’t want parents to speak out against it.

In fact, Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe let it slip in a debate what he really thinks. He stated, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

And US Attorney General Merrick Garland has directed the FBI to crack down on parents who complain about their school board while “murders in the United States since the advent of Black Lives Matter have gone up 30%,” Tucker Carlson said last Tuesday. 

Many parents are standing up and speaking out, which is the only way that the public school system has a hope of being salvaged.

Notable Quotes: 

“It’s not theirs. They don’t get to wreck it. Maybe people should stay and fight and take back the schools which belong to us. They’re ours.” - Tucker Carlson

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