January 5, 2022

Trump Surgeon General Recommends Against CDC Guidelines

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief:
Last week, the CDC updated its guidelines to assert that asymptomatic people could stop quarantining after just 5 days. This is down from the past 10 day guideline. Then, the former surgeon general under Trump, Jerome Adams, said that he would not recommend people follow the new guideline. Instead, he advises people to get a negative test if they want to stop quarantining.

The Background:
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been issuing guidelines from the beginning of the pandemic. Those guidelines have changed multiple times as the virus has progressed.

Now, they’ve changed them again and former Trump health official Jerome Adams is not happy about it.

In a tweet last week, Adams said, “I love the CDC. Grew up wanting to work there and have been one of their most ardent defenders. I never dreamed the day would come when I would advise people NOT to follow their guidance. Breaks my heart. But ask any of them. They wouldn’t even follow it for their own family.”

Adams was responding to the CDC’s new guidance that people without symptoms can come out of quarantine after just 5 days instead of 10. Adams suggested that people get tested before they reenter society.

Dr. Anthony Fauci defended the new guidelines saying that the goal is to make sure people can get back to essential jobs if they don’t have symptoms. He also cited the fact that many fire and police departments aren’t able to function when COVID spreads through their ranks.

Notable Quotes:

“If you are asymptomatic and you are infected, we want to get people back to the jobs, especially those with essential jobs.” - Dr. Anthony Fauci

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