July 13, 2021

Trump Dominates CPAC 2024 Presidential Poll

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
Former President Donald Trump easily won a presidential straw poll over the weekend at CPAC 2021. His 70% of the vote beat out 2nd place by 49%. Any other contenders all hovered around 1% or lower. The results show that the former President still has strong support amongst conservatives across the country.

The Background: 
Conservative organizations, activists, and millions of viewers across the country tuned into CPAC 2021 in Dallas over the weekend. The gathering attracts some of the most influential voices in conservative politics and always features prominent Republicans who are fighting for the most instrumental seats in government.

This year, the conference organizers held a straw poll to measure the attendees’ attitudes towards the 2024 presidential election. Trump won that poll by a large margin—a whopping 70%.

Though Trump has not announced a run for reelection, many conservative commentators expect he will. And the former President has made many comments in public flirting with another run. 

The next closest Republican was Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida at 21%. In another poll question, attendees were asked who they would support if Trump were out of the picture: DeSantis easily won that poll at 68%.

No other Republican contenders even came close. Third place was Rand Paul at 1% trailed by dozens of others.

These results show that the Republican base is currently standing squarely behind former President Trump. While there is a long road to 2024, many take this as a sign that Trump will have a big head start in the 2024 Republican Presidential primaries.

Notable Quotes: 

"I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your incredible support." - Donald J. Trump to CPAC audience

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