November 17, 2021

Toyota to Return to US Headquarters in January Without Vaccine Mandate

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
Toyota announced that employees would return to its U.S. headquarters in Plano, TX in January. The return will not currently include a vaccine mandate for workers. Biden’s OSHA rule requiring companies with more than 100 employees to mandate workplace vaccines is still on pause after a federal court ruling. The Toyota headquarters houses approximately 4,000 employees.

The Background: 
Many large companies are finally starting the slow return to in-person work environments after the COVID-19 pandemic.

All these companies have to deal with Biden’s unconstitutional OSHA rule requiring all their employees to be vaccinated. An appeals court has already stayed the OSHA rule until the matter can be decided on. But some companies are marching ahead with voluntary vaccine mandates for workers.

Except Toyota.

The company has announced its plans to return to its U.S. headquarters in January without a vaccine mandate. 

Many businesses, including other Texas employers like Southwest Airlines, have faced staffing shortages after mandating vaccines.

Toyota’s slowness to require a vaccination is an outlier in a business world that thinks it can do whatever it pleases and expect workers to stay onboard. The company wants its workers to get vaccinated but has not yet required it. 

Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations Jack Hollis told employees that “the theory was we want people to get vaccinated so we can go into the office and not wear a mask.”

Notable Quotes: 

“My own goal is that we get people back in here unmasked, working together again as early as January. Keep your fingers crossed and we’ll keep fighting the good fight on that.” - Jack Hollis, Toyota Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations 

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