December 21, 2021

Top Real Estate Sites Remove Crime Data, Cite Racism

  • Flyover Country

By: Konrad Holden

In Brief:
Top real estate sites, and Redfin, removed crime data from their websites because they allege that those statistics are racist. House searchers can no longer gauge the safety of an area in which they may want to purchase a property. Redfin said that crime data does not give an accurate picture of an area’s safety.

The Background: 
Social justice and wokeness have begun to infect every part of American life. From schools to the military to football, long-standing traditions and symbols have been deemed racist.

Now it's entering real estate.

Last week, two of the largest real estate websites both dropped crime statistics from their search tools. mentioned the change in a post about racism in real estate, saying, “We removed the crime map layer from all search results on to rethink the safety information we share on and how we can best integrate it as part of a consumer’s home search experience.”

Redfin was even more pointed, saying, “people are interested in safety, not crime.”

Redfin explained further that including crime data does not give an accurate picture of how safe an area is because “there’s real variety in how people define and evaluate safety, and that it doesn’t line up very well with purely crime-based data.”

Notable Quotes: 

“But the [crime] data available don’t allow us to speak accurately to that question [of safety], and given the long history of redlining and racist housing covenants in the United States there’s too great a risk of this inaccuracy reinforcing racial bias.” - Redfin

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