October 13, 2021

Thousands of Southwest Flights Canceled Amid Vaccine Mandate Push

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
Southwest Airlines canceled more than 1,800 last weekend leaving some travelers stranded for two days. Even though the cancellations came immediately after the Southwest Airlines Pilot’s Association (SWAPA) asked a federal judge to stop the company’s vaccine mandate, the association and the company deny that the delays were caused by an employee protest. One whistleblower has made public statements that it was a “coordinated protest.”

The Background: 
Dozens of major corporations and hospitals have mandated vaccines for their employees either voluntarily or in response to pressure from the Biden administration.

This is putting pressure on an economy already poised to break.

And it may even have caused problems for Southwest Airlines, which canceled nearly 2,000 flights last weekend.

The company blamed the cancelations on air traffic control issues and inclement weather, though many social media commenters and even some politicians noted that the skies were clear nearly everywhere on Saturday and Sunday.

A whistleblower also told PJ Media on Tuesday that the cancellations were caused by a “coordinated protest” by pilots, gate agents, flight attendants, and others.

Many Southwest employees are joining a movement called FreedomFlyers.org which is organizing to fund the effort against mandatory vaccines.

Notable Quotes: 

“[Air traffic control] issues and disruptive weather have resulted in a high volume of cancellations throughout the weekend while we work to recover our operation. We appreciate your patience as we accommodate affected Customers, and Customer Service wait times are longer than usual.” - Southwest Airlines


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