April 21, 2023

The Witch Hunt of Clarence Thomas

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By Jackson Kincaid


In Brief:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has battled many an attack on his reputation. And mainly from those claiming to be the "acceptance” party, all because he doesn’t think or vote the way the liberals have decided a black man should.

The Background: 

Back during Clarence’s 1991 confirmation hearings, Clarence Thomas told the Chairman, Sen. Joe Biden, that this had turned into a high-tech lynching. Instead of being hung from a tree, they were dragging up any lies, filth, and anything else they could to disgrace and silence him. And why? Because he was a black man who did not “kowtow” or think the way liberals thought he should think. 

Biden to this day defends Thomas’ accuser, Anita Hill, despite the FBI later stating she should be charged for falsifying and that her testimony had been unstable and changed multiple times. 

And while it is nearly impossible to find, some deep digging will reveal the video of Joe Biden referring to Clarence Thomas as a “rape ape.” And why? Because in Joe Biden’s mind, all black men were rapists. Biden stated clearly he didn’t believe in desegregation and he did not want his children going to a “jungle” of a school. 

Over the years, Clarence Thomas has continued his fight against the expectations of the Liberal Left. And the Liberal Left has continued to undermine him every step of the way. 

The latest press campaign against Thomas accuses him of failing to disclose gifts from and financial deals with his billionaire friend Harlan Crow, as well as mixing up the names of companies he owns in other financial statements. What the indignant hype leaves out, however, is that Thomas’s compliance with any disclosure rules is purely voluntary. A law that cannot be enforced is at best a suggestion.

This manufactured scandal is an opportunity to dispel a liberal myth and impart a lesson about where sovereignty lies in our nation, reports the New York Post.


Notable Quotes: 

“Character assassination is a nonviolent way of keeping the defiant in line.” –New York Post



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