January 19, 2023

"The View" and the Ludicrousness of Their Views

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By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are once again spewing their vitriol and biased misinformation. This time, they’re taking sides with Biden after having spoken loudly against Trump.

The Background: 

Whoopi Goldberg is on a streak of extreme offense, ignorance, and divisiveness. 

First, she declared the Holocaust was not about race, next, she doubled down on said claim about the Holocaust. And now, she is suggesting the presence of classified documents at Biden’s private residence and old office is the Republicans’ fault. 

Meanwhile, Joy Behar is declaring we shouldn’t judge Biden the way they judged Trump for the same thing: "We all know that Trump is a liar and a thief. We know that. So it’s not that big a jump to say that he obstructed and he lied. We don’t think Biden is a liar and a thief, so we give him the benefit of the doubt."

Guess Behar forgot Biden plagiarized his way through school and his first presidential campaign…

Notable Quotes: 

"I've never seen a luckier person than Donald Trump. Just as we're this close to getting him, somehow these documents appear." – Joy Behar



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