October 1, 2020

Texas Church Security Guard Who Took Down Gunman Will Not Be Indicted

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By: Nate James

In Brief:

A grand jury declined to indict the Texas security guard who acted swiftly and saved dozens of people from a gunman who opened fire on a church last year.

The Background:

NPR reports:

With one shot, [Jack] Wilson killed the 43-year-old gunman and then kicked the shotgun away. Keith Thomas Kinnunen had already shot two congregants, who died. But there were more than 250 people in the West Freeway Church of Christ that day, on Dec. 29, and many credit Wilson for saving many more lives.

On Monday, a grand jury declined to indict Wilson for the shooting in White Settlement. Prosecutor Tim Rodgers of the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office explained that the law lets bystanders act with deadly force to protect others.

Notable Quotes:

"Even though it was only a 4-6 second event, had I not been able to take the shot that I took when I took it, I'm sure that other people would have been injured or killed.”

  • Jack Wilson, Texas church hero

Nate James writes from Texas.

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