December 23, 2021

Swimming Expert: Transgender Swimmers Have Advantage Just Like 'Doping'

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 

The editor of one of America's largest swimming magazines said that transgender swimmers have an advantage similar to athletes who take performance enhancing drugs. He was referring specifically to the transgender college swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male, who has been destroying women’s swimming records after transitioning to a female.

The Background:

Steroids and performance enhancing drugs have been a problem in sports for decades.

Now, according to this swimming expert, we face a new kind of ‘doping.’

John Lohn, the chief editor of Swimming World, wrote an op-ed piece bemoaning the issue of transgender athletes competing in sports.

Lohn contends that biological males competing in women’s competitions have a “clear cut edge of biological females” and compared the issue with doping.

Lohn specifically pointed out the case of Lia Thomas, a biological male who is competing in women’s collegiate swimming competitions and demolishing her opponents and swimming records.

Thomas was a mediocre competitor in the men’s swimming world, but has done extremely well after transitioning into the women’s competitions.

Thomas has broken at least two Ivy League swimming records. When Thomas broke one record, he purportedly beat the second-place competitor by 38 seconds. Most swimming competitions come down to less than two seconds between swimmers.

Notable Quotes: 


“The effects of being born a biological male, as they relate to the sport of swimming, offer Thomas a clear-cut edge over the biological females against whom she is competing. She is stronger. It is that simple. And this strength is beneficial to her stroke, on turns and to her endurance. Doping has the same effect.” - John Lohn

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