December 2, 2020

Another Mayor says "Stay Home" While on Vacation

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By: Amy Jo Underwood

In Brief:

Austin Mayor Steve Adler posted a video telling people to stay home, while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with friends. Adler joins many other government officials in failing to abide by the Covid-19 guidelines given by them to the public. 

The Background:

Austin Mayor Steve Adler posted a video on Facebook last month updating Austin residents on the status of Covid-19 in their city. Adler shared updated statistics, trends, and demographics surrounding the spread of the virus in Austin, and followed up his update by encouraging people to do everything they can to stay home. “Now is not the time to relax,” he declared in his social media video.

Later, it was discovered that Mayor Adler shared his message while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas with seven friends and family members. According to the Austin American-Statesman, Adler stayed in a timeshare with friends and family from multiple households for a week. He told the Austin American-Statesman that all the members of the party agreed to abide by the same health guidelines as each other, as a "Covid pod.” He expressed that he was not tested when he returned, but “generally quarantined.” 

Adler defended his actions by stating that he did not break Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order at the time. However, critics are accusing him of hypocrisy for stating that Austin residents should avoid unnecessary travel while on day two of a vacation to Mexico. 

Notable Quotes:

“Now is not the time to relax. ... We may have to close things down if we are not careful. ...If you're going out to a restaurant, go out with your family, the people who live in your household, not with family and friends outside your household -- and start to decrease those travels outside of your home that are not necessary." - Mayor Steve Adler, Austin, TX.


Amy Jo Underwood writes from Alabama

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