February 21, 2023

South Dakota Legislator Calls Traditional Families "Radical""Dangerous"

  • Analysis, Flyover Country, The Hill

By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

Following South Dakota’s failure to pass HB-1092 7-5, a leftist bill that would have changed the wording of what equates to marriage in the state of South Dakota, a legislator went so far as to call those in traditional marriages “extremist.”

The Background: 

Democrat Rep. Linda Duba hoped to remove gender-specific words and replace them with “between two persons.” She also wanted to remove a statement in state law that specifically says a marriage between two persons of the same gender isn’t valid.

Duba stated:

“I reject the notion that the only families we can support in South Dakota are those between a male and a female. I fundamentally reject that idea. Now I am not asking you to change your personal views — absolutely not! — I’m not asking you to do that.” 

Fellow Democrat Rep. Erin Healy tweeted: “Extremist group Family Heritage Alliance said this morning that the safest place for kids are in families that have a married mom and dad. What a dangerous and un-American belief.”

So having a mom and dad is now un-American? 

Notable Quotes: 

“The grip from fundamentalist groups who only believe in nuclear families is strong at our state legislature today. I am disgusted by the extremist opposition we heard today and disappointed we couldn't pass such a simple, important bill.” – Rep. Erin Healy (D-SD)



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