November 12, 2020

Social Media Platform Parler Emphasizes Free Speech

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By: Amy Jo Underwood

In Brief:

Parler, a new social media network (similar in format to Twitter), has grown exponentially over the last several months. Republicans and conservatives have embraced Parler in recent months due to its refusal to use censorship tactics, and its emphasis on free speech and public discourse. Millions of people have left Facebook and Twitter for Parler, according to CEO John Matze. 

The Background:

According to ABC, Parler was founded as a free speech platform and social media network in 2018. John Matze, CEO and founder, stated that Parler welcomes all people and encourages open and free discourse in a virtual public square. While Twitter and Facebook have repeatedly fact-checked and censored President Trump and other conservatives, Parler has stated their intent to not interfere in the expression of free speech. 

ABC writes that it took Twitter two years to reach one million followers, while Parler has reached over four million followers in under two years. Most of the individuals leaving other platforms for Parler are conservatives, which has caused the left to claim that the platform will not have enough balance of opinion and thus promote conspiracy theories. 

Notable Quotes:

"People trust Parler because Parler trusts people. We welcome all to join our platform, which emphasizes free speech and open discourse." - John Matz, founder and CEO of Parler

“The best thing is for everyone to engage with a bad idea and shut it down through public discourse.” - John Matze, Forbes.


Amy Jo Underwood writes from Alabama

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