November 17, 2022

So Much For Amnesty? NBC Suggest Avoiding Unvaxxed Family

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By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

A list of "tips for protecting your kids" in a segment on Monday about the human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) on NBC News included the advice to have children "avoid physical interaction with unvaccinated individuals." You read that correctly. No, healthy food, lots of water, sunshine, and exercise were not the topic or his recommendation. Staying away from family and friends who’d not received Covid and flu vaccines was his suggestion. 

The Background: 

Back in October The Atlantic published an article giving the reasons a Covid Amnesty should be declared. An “amnesty” where those who didn’t line up to have their rights stripped away, be threatened, snubbed, lose livelihoods and careers, be disallowed from attending celebrations and funerals, are now invited back to the table and a “truce” called. No justice and no restitution. Just “amnesty.”

Yet almost immediately, the blame game began again, this time with those not vaccinated for Covid receiving the blame for the high cases of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). 

Dr. John Torres stated for NBC:

The main thing is, number one, those who can get vaccinated against COVID and flu are vaccinated. It’s still time to get it even though Thanksgiving is a week and a half away. You can still get and give some protection. On top of that, if you’re around other family members, make sure people wash their hands. Stay home if you’re sick. You can’t overemphasize that. If you’re around people that you don’t really know that well, the old days of last year, passing around the child and everybody wants to hug and kiss the child, I’d avoid that this year or at least make sure people wash their hands.

NBC news anchor Morgan Radford replied, stating "You are speaking my language. My husband literally sent an email to all the grandparents last night being like ‘Hey you guys mind getting your Tdap vaccine? Do you mind?’"

As Fox News pointed out, although NBC News advised against interacting with "unvaccinated" people, several medical experts, including Dr. Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci, have acknowledged that the coronavirus vaccines do not necessarily protect people against infection and transmission of Covid. So why trust it for other illnesses?

Notable Quotes: 

“They seriously want parents to keep their children safe from RSV by keeping them isolated from family members and friends who didn't get the Covid jab. Why? Seriously, why? The mRNA shot doesn't prevent the spread of Covid. At this point it looks like it's purely out of spite.” – Not The Bee

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