December 6, 2021

Sen. Cruz Responds to Fauci's Most Recent Attack

  • The Hill

By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded to comments Dr. Anthony Fauci made about him during a CBS News’ interview. Fauci was asked what he thought about Cruz’s claim that Fauci should be charged by the Department of Justice for lying to Congress. He deflected the conversation to the January 6th capitol riot. Cruz responded by laying out the facts and referred to Fauci’s “smug ‘I REPRESENT science’ attitude.”

The Background: 
Dr. Anthony Fauci has been in hot water with multiple Republicans in the Senate during hearings about the origin of the COVID-19 virus. During multiple bouts, Dr. Fauci and Sen. Rand Paul have gone back and forth about the existence and extent of the National Institute of Health’s (which Fauci is a part of) funding of gain-of-function research.

Paul and Cruz have alleged that Fauci lied to the Senate and committed perjury when he claimed multiple times that the NIH had never funded gain-of-function research.

During a recent CBS interview, Fauci laughed off that allegation when asked about Cruz, saying, “Yeah. I have to laugh at that. I should be prosecuted? What happened on Jan. 6, senator?”

Cruz responded on Twitter saying that “Fauci either needs to address the substance—in detail, with specific factual corroboration—or DOJ should consider prosecuting him for making false statements to Congress.”

Cruz laid out 4 facts that need to be dealt with: 1) Fauci said the NIH never funded gain-of-function research; 2) the NIH admitted to funding something which many believe to be gain-of-function research; 3) Fauci’s statement and NIH’s statement seem to be completely contradictory when read next to each other; and 4) it is a felony to lie to Congress.

Notable Quotes: 

“He [Fauci] lives in a liberal world where his smug ‘I REPRESENT science’ attitude is praised.” - Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

“Fauci’s narcissism, over-confidence, authoritarianism, & hubris are an embarrassment to real working scientists, who tend to value teamwork & humility.” - Geoffrey Miller, psychology professor 

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