March 9, 2020

Report: Worrying about Coronavirus Could Make You More Likely to Get Sick

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By: Nate James

In Brief:

People are panicking about the Coronavirus, and that could be part of the problem.

The Background:

The dreaded Coronavirus and its incessant spread is all over the news. People are, perhaps rightfully so, freaking out. But a new report says staying calm would be a healthier choice.

ABC News reports:

ABC’s own Dr. Jen Ashton has also been answering hundreds of questions about COVID-19 for those who are looking for a better understanding of the virus, including what precautions to take.

“We're in this fear state, but the fear state turns down the immune system. When you spread fear to your friends, it's almost like spreading germs to them. You wouldn't want people to do that to you. We shouldn't do that to other people,” said Ropeik.

So, just like a smile or a yawn, fear can also be contagious and it's safe to be diligent during these times.   

Notable Quotes:

“While trying to take control of the situation -- whether that means self-quarantining, buying all the toilet paper at the supermarket or stocking up on canned goods -- can give people a sense of control, it’s better to be cautious, aware and keep matters in perspective.”

  • Dana Schaeffer, ABC News Nate James writes from Texas.
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