August 5, 2020

REPORT: Google Pulling Out All the Stops for Biden Election

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By: Ted Patterson

In Brief:

Google is reportedly working really hard at propagandizing in an effort to have Joe Biden elected the next president of the United States.

The Background:

Allum Bokhari, an investigative reporter at the conservative site Breitbart, said in an interview the publication used to be a top search engine result, but has been fighting a losing battle against Big Tech ever since Donald Trump was elected president. reports:

Bokhari said that in 2016, prior to Trump’s election, the conservative site benefited from exposure on the world’s most important search engine. But since Trump’s victory and inauguration, Google made “mysterious changes to its algorithm” and the website noticed a steady decline in visibility. Breitbart’s visibility on Google is down 97.3 percent since 2017.

He said the search engine completely buried the site when it comes to searches for Biden, the likely Democrat set to take on Trump in 2020. Google, along with other tech companies, have been accused by Republicans of being unapologetic in their left-wing biases.

Bokhari said the timing could not be more obvious that Google has the upcoming election in mind. He said he believes Google knows that Breitbart is one of the top conservative news sites and understands that “if they allow our links on stories about Biden and the Democrats to be seen by regular users using Google, they can have access to information that the mainstream media—the Democrat Party—that they, the left, don’t want people to see.”

Notable Quotes:

“What’s happening at Breitbart is despicable. They’re one of the behemoths in the conservative news and journalism world. And Google has declared war on Breitbart.”

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Ted Patterson is editor of Republic Press. 

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