June 15, 2020

REPORT: Arsonists Targeting Homes with American Flags

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By: Ted Patterson

In Brief:

As riots continue to rage across the country, arsonists are reportedly setting fire to homes displaying the American flag.

The Background:

CBS Sacramento reports:

Police are investigating a string of arsons, targeting Citrus Heights homes with American flags on display.

At least four homes were targeted in the Sungarden neighborhood early Saturday morning. So far, police say they don’t know the motive.

A charred pole is all that’s left of the American Flag that had been flying outside Marie Nuzzi’s home.

“If it had burned longer it would have caught the house on fire,” Nuzzi said. “Somebody’s lives, for what?”

Notable Quotes:

“This is the first time anything’s happened. Gut reaction? Is it somebody with an agenda?”

  • Michael Howard, Citrus Heights resident

Ted Patterson is editor of Republic Press.

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