May 5, 2023

Rep. Comer Calls Out Biden Family Corruption

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By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief:

Kentucky Rep. James Comer called out the corruption of the Biden administration and criticized the "pitiful" mainstream media for ignoring Republicans' concerns about the Biden family's "influence peddling crime." 

The Background: 

During a recent interview with Fox News, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) stated his shock at seeing Hunter Biden parade around Ireland with his father during a state visit. 

“This should be concerning to every American and the media. But what you said about Hunter being seen with his dad in Ireland and at state dinners and all this just shows the arrogance and entitlement of this family,” Comer stated. 

Hunter is not only under investigation for shady business dealings but is currently in court over attempts to pay less child support for a child he fathered and refused to acknowledge until DNA proved paternity. A child the president refuses to acknowledge as well, add to that lying on a gun purchase form and well as dodging tax payments. 

Comer continued: “When I'm sitting there watching the clips from the White House Correspondents Dinner and reading the stories about it, they say, 'well, you know, the one thing that concerns Democrats are the president's age or whatever.' What about the corruption? This is the most corrupt White House in my lifetime. And we're releasing bank records, and we're talking about Biden family members getting wires from China. And yet the media just says, 'oh it's no big deal. And isn't it great that his son is with him and helping him get around?' It's just mind-boggling how pitiful the mainstream media is.”


Notable Quotes: 

“They believe with all their heart that they're going to get away with the perfect crime, and that is the perfect influence-peddling crime where everyone in the world knows what they've done. But yet nothing's going to happen to them because the Congress is on their side and the media is on their side. And that's just not the case.” – Rep. James Comer



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