November 19, 2019

Private Group Building Border Wall Ordered to Stop

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By: Nate James

In Brief:

A group that’s reportedly garnered millions of dollars in private donations to construct a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border has been ordered to stop building.

The Background:

We Build the Wall, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports, is “a Florida-based group that boasts $25 million in donations” that has built a mile of fencing near El Paso, but now, according to the paper, the group “wants to build a second wall that’s about three miles long and 18 feet tall along the Rio Grande near McAllen, Texas.”
A commission that reviews proposed projects has asked the group to stop building until further review can take place.

According to the Star-Telegram:

A part of the review by the International Boundary and Water Commission is to determine whether the wall will obstruct waterways or violate the treaty with Mexico, according to the email.

“‘We asked that they not continue construction until our review process has been completed,’ [foreign affairs officer] Sally Spener Spener said [in an email].

“[Brian Kolfage, founder of We Build the Wall,] said the group isn’t building the wall yet and is merely preparing to start construction when it receives approval, according to KXAN.”

Why It Matters:

A vocal and active group of American citizens is showing with their actions and with their pocketbooks that secure borders are important to them.

Notable Quotes:

“This will be the first border barrier that can be built in a flood plain, and it’s built to withstand the floods and there is nothing that (has) been built like it. And I think it’s going to change the way these border barriers are built in Texas.”

  • Brian Kolfage, founder of We Build the Wall

Nate James writes from Texas.

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