August 27, 2019

Poll: Trump Losing Support in Battleground States

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By: Ashleigh Meyer            

In Brief:

Recent surveys show that President Trump’s approval rating is on the decline in many states that will prove critical to securing victory at reelection.

The Background:

Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are known to be swing states, and presidential hopefuls expend a great deal of energy and money trying to sway those, and other unpredictable states, to their side.

In 2016, President Trump unexpectedly won all three states by narrow margins. This year, however, he has seen a somewhat steady decline in approval in those states and others, according to recent polling conducted by the Morning Consult. Additionally, swing states in the southwest are looking less and less confident in our incumbent, as approval ratings fell in Arizona by 26 points, and New Mexico by 30.

The Morning Consult conducts daily surveys of more than 5,000 voters across the United States. They release their reports and findings weekly. According to their most recent surveys, 83 percent of individuals who are likely to vote in the GOP primaries approve of the president. His popularity suffers the most among younger Republicans between the ages of 18 and 29, where his approval rating still holds out at a healthy 78 percent, according to the polling.

Presidents almost always decline in approval after they are elected, and the Republican National Committee seems unruffled by these poll results, which they claim continue to uphold Trump as a victor over the eventual Democratic nominee. The overcrowded Democratic election, paired with the Democratic National Committee’s struggle to obtain financing, is expected to play out as an advantage for Trump.

Why It Matters:

Swing states often determine an election, and establishing voter confidence in them is critical. Most analysts agree that, at this point in the race, it is far too early to say where these battleground states will land.

Ashleigh Meyer is a professional writer and Conservative political analyst from rural Virginia.

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