September 24, 2021

Politicians Unwilling to Acknowledge Natural COVID-19 Immunity

  • The Hill

By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
Scientists are continually producing studies indicating that those with natural immunity, created by having and recovering from the disease, are much more protected than those who have been vaccinated. Despite the new evidence, few policymakers are implementing the new information into the rule-making process.

The Background: 
A 700,000 person study in Israel found that individuals with a prior COVID-19 infection were 27 times less likely to get sick again.

According to Washington University, even mild infection gives long-term immunity from COVID-19.

And in a study of healthcare workers by the June Cleveland Clinic, not of the test subjects who had previously tested positive were reinfected in the course of their normal job duties.

This information continues to come out, yet the Biden administration continues to roll out new vaccine mandates. 

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis pointed out this policy blunder saying “if it was about science, you would recognize the infection conferred immunity."

There was some hope that the government would consider natural immunity in the future when Dr. Fauci said, “I think that [natural immunity] is something that we need to sit down and discuss seriously.”

Nothing has come of that comment as the Biden administration continues full steam ahead towards more potential federal mandates.

Notable Quotes: 

"Every single credible study always shows that it [natural immunity] provides good protection. So I don't support mandates at all, but if you're doing a mandate based off this, if you were really following science, you would acknowledge this natural immunity. And instead they ignore it.” - FL Gov. Ron DeSantis

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