August 18, 2020

People Upset Over In-Person Voting Gather In-Person to Protest

  • Flyover Country

By: Nate James

In Brief:

People upset over having to vote in-person made their voices heard at a protest they recently held, in person.

The Background:

The Shore News reports:

Social distancing was ignored as liberal leftist protesters marched on the postmaster general’s home near the Greensboro Country Club.  Anti in-person voting protesters say voting in person is dangerous to their health, but amassing in a large, close-quarters crowd is quite alright.   Opponents of in-person voting claim the COVID-19 risks associated with the act of casting a ballot are too great to take chances with.  Protesting on a hot summer day in a huge crowd is perfectly COVID-19 safe.

The Washington Sentinel also featured several responses to the absurd protests on Twitter:

Notable Quotes:

“Irony is dead and these people killed it.”

  • The Washington Sentinel

Nate James writes from Texas. 

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