April 24, 2023

Opinion: Welcome to Bragg's NYC, Where Officers are Attacked in Broad Daylight

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By Jackson Kincaid


In Brief:

Video footage from multiple bystanders shows the moment a man walked up behind an NYC police officer and bashed her in the head with a bottle, before attacking her partner. The attack occurred in broad daylight and with multiple witnesses — in other words, there is no fear of repercussion for actions. 

The Background: 

Welcome to NYC, where thanks to the likes of D.A Bragg and Co, a man arrested 11 previous times roams the streets, wreaking havoc and attacking whomever he feels like attacking. 

Jose Garcia has been arrested multiple times for crimes such as robbery, grand larceny, and weapons possession. However, he always gets out once his lawyers claim it is not really his fault and is due to the cessation of sanity-inducing medications. 

Yet, the very man who should be insuring the streets of NYC are safe and that the criminals wreaking havoc are not allowed to continue their crime sprees is too busy lessening legitimate felonies into misdemeanors. And, he’s been busy prosecuting a former (and aspiring future) President of the United States by upgrading a weak and highly debatable misdemeanor into a full-blown felony. 

And while we’re at it, Bragg jailed and sought murder charges against bodega clerk Jose Alba in the self-defense death of a crazed customer who’d attacked him. The DA only backed down only in the face of public fury once the security footage was released to the public. 


Notable Quotes: 

“Bragg’s office wins a conviction just 51% of the time, down from 68% in 2019 [under DA Cy Vance], the last year before the pandemic disrupted the court system.” – Melissa Klein, Sunday Post



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