February 16, 2023

Opinion: Biden's SOTU 2.0

  • Analysis, Executive, The Hill

By Jackson Kincaid

In Brief: 

Today we will tackle two more of the numerous lies told by Biden during his recent SOTU. Again, not enough time or space to cover his 90 minutes' worth of lies. 

The Background: 

First, let’s tackle this one, shall we? 

 Let’s also pass a bipartisan equality act to ensure LGBTQ Americans, especially transgender young people, can live with safety and dignity.

Biden here is discussing the legal protection of doctors, teachers, and therapists who would prey on and take advantage of minors struggling with body dysmorphia. Body dysmorphia, as of this writing, is still officially classified as a mental illness, not something to be embraced and celebrated, especially when it is kept from the legal guardians of minors.

How is pushing and allowing agendas that legalize the mutilation of minors helping anyone live in “safety and dignity” ? If they can’t vote, smoke, or drink, they should not be allowed to make such life-altering decisions. But also remember, this is the same government that doesn’t want us to castrate pedophiles but wants those same drugs handed out like candy to pre-pubescents. 

And in response to the recent tragic murder of Tyre Nichols in Memphis at the hands of police, Biden had racially-charged comments. It should be noted, Nichols was an African-American gentleman. As were all officers involved in his senseless murder. So the race card here falls flat. 

Said Biden:

 Most of us in here have never had to have the talk, the talk that brown and Black parents have had to have with their children. Beau, Hunter, Ashley, my children, I never had to have to talk with them. I never had to tell them if a police officer pulls you over, turn your interior lights on right away. Don't reach for your license. Keep your hands on the steering wheel. Imagine having to worry like that every single time your kid got in a car.

Well, I’m sorry you decided to not raise your children to show respect for officers of the law. But in the houses of everyone I spoke to, this was driving rule 102 after “this is basically a weapon you are controlling. Drive it with extreme caution.” 

However, as Tucker Carlson so aptly pointed out:

“Now it is fair that they don't worry like that in the Biden family. Both of Biden's surviving children have had run-ins with the police repeatedly. Hunter Biden left a crack pipe and his I.D. in a rental car, but no one ever followed up on it because he was the son of a powerful politician.”

Notable Quotes: 

"[Biden's speech] was divisive. It was angry. It was out of touch, and it was fundamentally dishonest. Throughout the speech, Biden would periodically just scream out randomly. He reminded me of a crotchety old guy on his front porch screaming at the kids: ‘Get off my lawn.’" – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)



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