February 13, 2023

Opinion: Biden's Flubs on Full Display for SOTU

  • Executive, The Hill

By Jackson Kincaid

In Brief: 

During his recent State of The Union (SOTU), Biden once again embarrassed the half of America that still has half a brain. His gaffes included forgetting names, titles, and of course, he added numerous lies. To contain it all in such a short article is impossible, so I’ll focus on two.

The Background: 

First off, poor Sen. Chuck Schumer. Biden couldn’t get his correct title. Schumer is the Senate Majority Leader, yet Biden referred to him as “House Minority Leader.” Biden stated: 

 “Congratulations to Chuck Schumer, another, uh, you know, another term as Senate minority leader. You know, I think, you know, this time you have a slightly bigger majority, Mr. Leader. You know, majority leader, but that much bigger.”

Later on Biden moved on to the Ukrainian Ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova. However, either they did not phonetically spell her name on his teleprompter, or he just couldn’t remember it. So he simply asked her to stand up “so we can take a look at you.”

Ambassador … our ambassador is here … we are united in our support for your country. Will you stand so we can all take a look at you? We’re going to stand with you as long as it takes.”

There is much more that could be written on the SOTU speech, but that will save for another day. 

But in summary, Republicans are to blame for all that is bad and Biden is the best. 

The economy is strong (my gas tanks disagree as well as my pantry), jobs are plentiful, and Biden has saved our nation.


Notable Quotes: 

Voices of the American people:

“Biden is not leading us — he's misleading us down a very slippery slope, morally, economically and geopolitically. What I mean by geopolitically is this: The China spy balloon should have been shot down as soon as it crossed into the U.S. The message Biden sent to his own people and to leaders around the world is one of hesitation and weakness." – Father and grandfather in Iowa

"Typical liberal speech … promised everything, but delivered nothing," – Random anonymous citizen, North Carolina

"Everyone in my family is working longer hours and paying more for groceries and gas. The president's speech felt insulting; he is in an ivory tower filled with progressive ideas, while we at the bottom of the tower are paying for those ideas — which we don't even agree with." – Wife, mother, and grandmother in Greater Boston

"He makes everything sound great, and it’s not," –American woman, North Carolina 



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