April 15, 2023

Opinion: Biden Only Interesting in Pushing Trans Agenda, not Mourning the Violence in Nashville

  • Executive, Flyover Country

By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief:

Following the horrific and senseless death of 6 people, including 3 children at the hand of a madwoman, Biden had the brain capacity to laugh about being “Dr.” Jill Biden’s husband and coming down to the press conference because he heard they had good ice cream.

The Background: 

You have probably heard of the tragic school shooting that took place in Nashville on March 27th.  However, if all you read/watch/listen to is the liberal media, you might be hard-pressed to discern whose the victim is. Was the victim a poor misunderstood young man named Aiden? Or were the victims Katherin Koonce, Mike Hill, Cindy Peak, and three children all aged 9, named William Kinney, Hallie Scruggs, and Evelyn Dieckhaus? Victims shot by a 28-year-old woman named Aubrey Hale?

According to the liberal media, it is a poor, misguided, and misunderstood young man named Aiden. And that all Aiden wanted was to be recognized for who he truly was: a transgender man. And due to this fact, the Biden administration plowed ahead with their week of trans worship, going so far as to declare “Transgender Day of Visibility.” 

Biden gushed about the “joy, strength, and absolute courage [of] transgender and nonbinary Americans.” He also railed against “MAGA extremists [who] are advancing hundreds of hateful and extreme state laws that target transgender kids and their families … These attacks are un-American and must end.” 

What about declaring support for the Christian community who by all reports, just suffered a heinous hate crime at the hands of a member of the trans community? 

In fact, even the LGBTQ+ community is begging for the manifesto of Aubrey Hale to not be published for fear it will make them look bad. So much for transparency…oh wait, that’s not the flavor of “trans” that you want? Gotcha, my bad. 

So while the liberal left continues to defend celebrating mental illness instead of treating it, comparing those who oppose the genital mutilation of minors to Hitler, we the Christian community will be busy burying our dead children and mourning the death of the heroic adults and teachers who died protecting those children. All while carrying on our war to protect your children from those who would harm them, be that by hatred and violence, or by “legal” hormones and scalpels. 


Notable Quotes: 

“Fear pervades Tennessee’s trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter’s gender identity”  –NBC headline



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