December 14, 2020

Ontario: Restrictions for Non-Vaccinated Persons

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In Brief:

Residents in Ontario may face severe restrictions if they choose not to get vaccinated for Covid-19. Those who are vaccinated will receive government documentation to prove that they have received the vaccine.

The Background:

According to CTV News, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams, stated that the Covid-19 vaccine will not be mandatory, but it will be required for full access to things like long-term care, schools, and many public areas such as movie theaters.

Ontario officials state that the vaccine is not mandatory for all residents — but that those who do not receive the vaccine will face restrictions, including restrictions on travel.  CityNews states that the first run of immunization will begin on Tuesday, and will be administered to healthcare professionals and assisted living workers. Ontario expects to administer between 30,000 and 85,000 doses of the vaccine by the New Year.

Notable Quotes:

"[Government documentation of vaccination] will be very important for people to have, for travel purposes and perhaps work purposes or going to theatres or cinemas or any other places where people will be in close physical contact when we get through the worst of the pandemic. So yes, that will be essential for people to have that.” - Health Minister Christine Elliott, CBC News.

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