April 27, 2023

Ohio School Arms Staff to Protect Children

  • Analysis, Flyover Country

By Jackson Kincaid


In Brief:

River Valley Local School District in Caledonia, Ohio has had enough of “gun-free zones,” school violence, and children left unprotected due to gun-control advocates. 

The Background: 

Following the targeting of helpless children over the last few years, River Valley Local School District in Caledonia cited a law signed by Governor Mike DeWine in June 2022 and said it will allow staff members in its schools to arm themselves, reports the Daily Wire.

“As a rural community, response times can often be minutes away in the event of an active shooter. The use of armed staff in our buildings can potentially save lives by providing a more immediate response to the threat. Recent school shootings such as in Nashville, Uvalde (Texas), and Parkland (Florida) clearly show that the quicker the response time, the more likely you are to potentially save lives,” Superintendent Adam Wickham told The Marion Star.

All staff will undergo rigorous training in gun safety, response protocol, and emergency training. 


Notable Quotes: 

“Most active-shooter events occur in areas of ‘gun-free zones’ or with minimal safety measures in place. We want to ensure our schools will not be soft targets.” – Superintendent Adam Wickham



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