December 29, 2022

NYC Can't Handle the Migrant "Crisis"

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By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

New York City council members are bracing for a wave of busses carrying migrants from the southern border. As Title 42 (a public health rule designed to curb the spread of disease) expires, Border Patrol agents will no longer be allowed to quickly expel asylum seekers on the southern border.

The Background: 

Over 200 migrants have been bussed from the southern border to NYC within the last week. An additional 1,000 are expected to arrive weekly, now that Trump-era Title 42 has expired.  According to the New York Post, since March 2020, the order has been invoked 2.5 million times to eject migrants from the U.S., but because of a judge’s ruling, starting this week,  immigration authorities can no longer use Title 42 to unceremoniously turn away those seeking asylum.

Instead, all migrants must now be interviewed to determine if they have “credible fear” of danger if returned to their home countries. 

Following zero support from the Biden administration in handling the influx of migrants, or being allowed to control the border, the Republican governors of those border states have taken action by shipping migrants by the busload to Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities like New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Notable Quotes: 

“We have been told in no uncertain terms that, beginning today, we should expect an influx of buses coming from the border and that more than 1,000 additional asylum seekers will arrive in New York City every week. We need help from Washington.” – NYC Mayor Eric Adams



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