August 19, 2022

Not So Home Sweet Home? Biden Prefers Expensive Trips to Delaware

  • The Hill

In Brief: 

President Joe Biden returned to his home in Delaware on Tuesday, marking his 49th trip to the state as president and 150 days in Delaware since his residence moved to the White House 18 months ago.

The Background: 

Biden has now spent a record 150 days at home in Delaware in the 18 months since he was elected president, according to former CBS correspondent Mark Knoller. 

By my count, this is Biden’s 49th visit to Delaware as president. Brings the number of days there to 150. Compares to: 

Trump: 17 visits to Mar-a-Lago; 13 to Bedminster NJ (132 days)

Obama: 8 vac trips incl HA & Martha’s Vineyard: (38 days)

GWBush: 14 visits to Texas ranch (100 days).”

However, that doesn’t even include Biden’s other vacation in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts for Thanksgiving and his summer vacation at Kiawah Island, North Carolina.

According to Fox News “Biden’s numbers are high as he prefers to spend his weekends at his home in Delaware, usually deploying considerable federal resources to return home for either long weekends or even just one day. The White House press pool also has to shuttle back and forth to Delaware with the president, despite his preference to remain mostly out of sight of the cameras while at home.”’

During a speech in Ohio, Biden went so far as to say “Every time I get a chance, I go home to Delaware. You think I’m joking? I’m not.”

But even the White House defends this calling those his “home”. 

Notable Quotes: 

“The president lives in Wilmington. It’s his home. That’s where he’s lived for many, many years.” – Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

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