January 19, 2023

"No Visitor Logs" Contradict Biden's Promise of Transparency

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By Jackson Kincaid

In Brief: 

As an investigation looms in connection with classified documents being found at the private residence, as well as the personal (non-government) office of Joe Biden, questions are arising as to the lack of visitor logs for his personal residence.

The Background: 

On Biden’s first day as President, the White House issued a statement promising that Joe Biden would “bring transparency and truth back to government.” But, has he?

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is vowing to not let this matter be brushed under the rug.

As the White House shifted from refusing to release visitor logs to stating they do not record or keep visitor logs to the President's private residence (despite 163 and counting days spent there in under 2 years), concern has grown as to who was privy to these documents being left haphazardly around. 

Comer declared:

"The White House, National Archives, and the Justice Department withheld information from Congress and the American people about classified records found in unsecure locations from Joe Biden’s time as vice president," continued Comer. "The American people deserve transparency, not secrecy. We will continue to press the Biden Administration for answers about who had access to these classified documents and why Biden aides were permitted to rummage through the Wilmington residence after the appointment of a special counsel."   

Notable Quotes: 

"President Biden promised to have the most transparent administration in history but he refuses to be transparent when it matters most."  – James Comer (R-KY)



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