July 30, 2022

New "Disinformation Expert"?

  • Executive, The Hill

By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

The White House has announced a new “Deputy National Cyber Director for Technology and Ecosystem Security,” former Google Disinformation/Misinformation expert Camille Stewart Gloster.

The Background:

In April, the White House launched a “Disinformation Task Force,” and then promptly paused it after just 3 weeks. Now, they have announced the hiring of Camilla Gloster. 

Gloster’s appointment is a prime example of the extensively documented revolving door between Google and Democrat presidential administrations. Prior to working for Google, she was Senior Policy Advisor for Cyber, Infrastructure & Resilience Policy at the Department of Homeland Security under President Obama.

Gloster previously specialized in removing “disinformation” from Google’s app store, and spends her spare time ranting about “systemic racism” in America.

“Disinformation” and “misinformation” are terms used by tech and media elites as a pretext to suppress information they dislike. One example is the Hunter Biden laptop story, which was baselessly condemned at the time of its publication as potential “Russian disinformation.” Former security officials, Gloster’s professional peers, played a key role in giving legitimacy to the “Russian scapegoat narrative.” Breitbart reports.

Notable Quotes: 

“Systemic racism is a cybersecurity threat. People have argued that if we address social and systemic issues separately, we will get the technology right. However, the social and the technological are mutually constitutive.”- Camilla Closter via Twitter.

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