January 11, 2023

MSNBC Called Congresswoman "White Supremacist"... But She's Hispanic

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By Jackson Kincaid

In Brief: 

MSNBC recently published an opinion piece in which they painted Congresswomen Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) as a “white supremacist.” The problem is, Rep. Luna is  Latina. 

The Background: 

In a recent article, MSNBC stated that its readers should be wary of those who are of Mexican descent but do not align with the Left’s ideology.  MSNBC stated: “It’s important that we journalists avoid placing too much emphasis on a representative of Mexican descent who’s signed on to a political movement that began with the demonization of Mexicans.” 

Rep. Luna hit back on Twitter against the current “hit piece,” as she called it, tagging MSNBC and calling it a “twisted lie.” Luna continued in another tweet, "Wow. @MSNBC is really trying to paint me as a white supremacist?"  She added,"Honestly I'm pretty sick of left-leaning media focusing so much on my race. It's sad to see how triggered the left is over the fact that I'm conservative." 

Edie Heipel of Luna’s communication team posted an image of an empty inbox with the caption, "When @MSNBC publishes a bogus hit piece on @realannapaulina and you check to see if they reached out for comment like responsible journalists…"

Notable Quotes: 

"While Luna, who eventually voted for McCarthy on the 12th ballot, represents an ideology that has some appeal within the Latino community, it’s far from the dominant view. The loudest voice is never the most representative one, and as MAGA Latinos go mainstream, we should take care not to forget that." –MSNBC article


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