August 11, 2021

Mom Sued by Teacher's Union for Asking Too Many Questions

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
Rhode Island mother, Nicole Solas, is being sued by chapters of the National Education Association. Solas made national news when the Kingstown, Rhode Island school board considered suing her for submitting public records requests and trying to find out what her kindergartener would be learning about transgenderism and critical race theory. The lawsuit aims to prohibit the school from fulfilling the lawful records requests.

The Background: 
As Nicole Solas’ daughter prepared for her first year of kindergarten, the Rhode Island mother wanted to find out how the school approached issues like transgenderism and critical race theory. After receiving little information from school officials, Solas put in multiple public records requests to get information, as school officials requested of her.

After the school initially billed her $74,000 to fulfill the requests and then considered suing the mother, Solas still did not receive any of the records request she initiated. 

Now, National Education Association Rhode Island (NEARI), a teacher’s union, is suing the mother for seeking out information about how her child would be taught.

The complaint filed in Rhode Island Superior Court asks for the school to be prohibited from fulfilling the records requests to “protect teacher’s privacy rights”. The NEARI alleges that some of the documents requested do not fall under APRA records request regulation.

According to leaked slides, NEA Regional VP Brian Nelson called stay-at-home mom Solas an “attack on public education.”

Notable Quotes: 

"I believe this NEA lawsuit is collusive litigation where the school and union set up this lawsuit behind closed doors, each agreeing to play plaintiff and defendant. The school is more than happy to agree not to fulfill my record requests in court...we have to know what our kids are learning in school, because we're the only ones that are going to stand up for them." - Nicole Solas

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