February 2, 2023

Minnesota's Horrific Abortion Bill

  • Analysis, Flyover Country

By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

A Republican senator in Minnesota is blasting her colleagues for a new bill that was passed.  Many are labeling this bill the “most extreme” abortion legislation in America.

The Background: 

The Protect Reproductive Options (PRO) Act passed the Minnesota Senate 34-33 on Saturday.  Republicans attempted to amend the bill 35 times. The bill states that "every individual has a fundamental right to make autonomous decisions about the individual’s own reproductive health." 

Minnesota State Sen. Julia Coleman stated that every attempt by the Republicans to make the bill more moderate was shot down. Amendments included a 21-week abortion cut-off, notifying parents of a minor’s abortion, or prohibiting abortion solely because of the fetus’ gender or disability. 

"We even had amendments saying that if you are going to seek a late-term abortion, it must be done in a hospital for the safety of the woman. They shot that down, too," she told host Ainsley Earhardt of Fox Friends. 

Notable Quotes: 

"I saw firsthand how at 33 weeks, how they responded to something as small as a blood draw or a needle poke. But this bill is inflicting unimaginable pain, far worse than a needle poke, to babies at that stage of development. It's barbaric and future generations will look back at what this legislature did in horror." – Sen. Julia Coleman (R-MN)



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