April 5, 2023

Minnesota Mom Schools Democrats on Critical Race Theory

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By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief:

A Minnesota mother took her state Democrats to school on the dangers and idiocy of teaching Critical Race Theory, then accused them of not wanting minority children to succeed. 

The Background: 

Kofi Monztka, a volunteer with Take Charge Minnesota, an organization committed to “supporting the notion that the idea of America works for everyone, regardless of race and station in life,” did just that last week. Monztka stood up against her state teaching Ethnic Studies, a Critical Race Theory inspired curriculum that Minnesota Democrats are wanting to teach beginning in kindergarten.

During her very eloquent speech, Monztka pointed out the hypocrisy of her own black legislators, as well as the dangers of this mindset to future generations. 

“This bill requires that schools teach ethnic studies starting in kindergarten, and I am against this,” she said on Tuesday. “You might ask, ‘Why in the world would a black person speak against ethnic studies?’ Because not everything that sounds good is good.”

Below are just a few snippets of her speech including comparing this class to Jim Crow. 


“This curriculum will not help kids of color succeed. All it does is remove any reason to try."


"I can see why you white proponents of this bill might support it. It's not your kids being told that they can't succeed, and you get to shed some of your white guilt in the process."


“I’m sick of everyone denying the enormous progress we’ve made in this country, acting like it’s 1930.”


Notable Quotes: 

“But you legislators of color – how can you? You made it despite the invisible boogeyman of systematic racism. You were voted in by a majority of white people. You hold some of the most powerful positions in this state – yet you want to tell my kids and other kids of color that they can't succeed? It's shameful. It's terrible." – Kofi Montzka


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