March 18, 2023

Minnesota Democrat Likens Christians Adopting Native Babies to "Genocide"

  • Flyover Country

In Brief:
Minnesota State Rep. Heather Keeler recently compared white Christians adopting Native American babies to “genocide.” She accused them of “stripping” the children of their “identity,” calling it a “form of genocide.”


The Background: 
In order to do full justice to her horrific accusations, we will quote Keeler who is a member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe, in her own words via her Facebook:

“I’m sick of white Christians adopting our babies and rejoicing. It’s a really sad day when that happens. It means the genocide continues. If you care about our babies, advocate against the genocide. Help the actual issues impacting indigenous parents, stop stealing our babies and changing their names under the impression you are helping. White saviors are the worst!"

Wheeler is cosponsoring a bill set to amend and "make improvements to the federal Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 that establishes child protection procedures and requirements for children who are members of or eligible for membership in a federally recognized Tribe." 

In other words, Wheeler would rather see precious Native children left indefinitely in the Indian foster care system than to be adopted into the homes of “whites” and raised in a secure and structured environment. 

Fellow Minnesota Democrats have yet to condemn the racist and horrific comments made by Rep. Wheeler. 

Notable Quotes:
"There is no place in our political discourse for attacks on Minnesotans' races or religions. We condemn this hateful and extremist rhetoric in the strongest possible terms and call on the Democrats to do the same. Elected Democrats like Gov. Walz and Speaker Hortman and party leaders like Chairman Ken Martin need to unequivocally denounce this hateful speech immediately." – David Hann, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman

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